Japanese Fan -Sensu- exhibition 2012 -join-

Tue, 10 Apr 2012 11:00 - Wed, 23 May 2012 23:00 JST


5-7-13, Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan


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Free admission
1design/9000yen -It is prior transfer to a bank.


07.07.sat. _Reception party 16:00-19:00


5-7-13, Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
The nearest stations are JR Yamanote Line_Osaki Station. 7 minutes on foot.
It is the neighborhood of Canadian International School.

A Japanese fan -Sensu- can be made from your design and exhibition is also possible in Tokyo Japan!
The general invitation exhibition is invited.

◇About Sensu
When Sensu close, length is 22cm.
Sense bone: 35
Bone color; white wood(right), chaina wood(center), black(left)

Reference (to external site): 

■Participating qualification
you can understand this text.
According to directions, the manuscript can be turned in correctly.
Pay the expense in connection with this.

Those who fulfill the above conditions.

◇What is made
Natu-Sensu * 2 /1 design
・For exhibition * 1
・The sample for artist * 1
(・When make back print with exhibition +1)

Participation is possible up to 3 designs per one person.

◆Participation fees
Bank transfer is 9000 yen /1 design (A commission is paid by yourself.)
Card payment is 10000 yen /1 design (A commission is included.)

◇When designing at the back. /1 design
With no exhibition +5000 yen
With exhibition +9000 yen

◇Exhibition from other than Japan./1 exhibition.
Usually, mailing cost +1500 yen
A sample, showpiece separate shipment +3000 yen

※ A work of sensu is not shipped when the mailing cost is not added.
Then the sensu will be discard after exhibition.

※ A work of sensu is shipped by ship.
It takes about 1-6 months.

◇Payment method①:Prior bank transfer(名称>当日券)


イオカ ヨウコ

 ◆◆◆They are notes at the time of data work.◆◆◆

◇The submission-of-a-manuscript method

Transmit data in the form of ".jpg".
Set color mode to "CMYK."
Set picture resolution to "300dpi."

・The presentation picture should leave only a design and a trim mark.
In addition, please eliminate the line of a template.



・Production design, finish line more than 5mm from widely.

・There is a possibility that some gaps are caused without fail when the printed time and cutting it out.
Therefore, a safe design is desirable even if a little shifting.

Finish line is light blue line.
Make coating help larger than a pink line.

Safety design line is a green dashed line.

・A main bone goes into the end of a fold on either side.
The left has a main bone in the reverse side. The right has a main bone in a table.
When designing, it is cautious of a main bone.

・Although a design is a plane, since a chip box goes into a fan side, it may look longwise.
In order to show a large round shape circularly, it lengthens horizontally about 15% and makes a picture.
It looks round when a fan is done.

・It may seem that the both ends of the design hung and went up the case where it designs horizontally.



◇About a deadline
Application deadline : 4/10-5/23

Deadline for Artwork : 5/25

 制作費の見積りもギリギリでやっておりますので、ご理解、ご了承 お願い致します。 


◇About printing

It becomes printing to Japanese paper-washi-.
Since there are few creation numbers, printing on demand is planned.
Therefore, a blot may occur somewhat.
It is if it is especially easy to produce in a deep color etc.
Please participate and create after consideration and consent.

The back is white paper in order to use it for exhibition.
Since it has covered with Japanese paper, a fan bone cannot necessarily be directly seen.

In the case of exhibition, the back side is not visible.
When you wish back printing, please add and pay option fee money.
Please tell me the existence of back printing, and the existence of the hope of exhibition at the time of an application.

◇About delivery

・If the participants from Japan.
Carriage of bulk shipments of minutes after the end of exhibition is included.
If you want to receive the first sample, I will send it out by cash on delivery.

・If the participants from outside Japan.
The carriage, it will take 1,500 yen per person separately.
Shipping does not change even if the number of design has changed.
If you would like to receive the first sample, shipping will be doubled.
Since the ships by sea, the arrival is expected to take about 1-6 months.

・If you wish to ship to outside of Japan though, do not pay separately for shipping, even if the end of the exhibition, does not sending.
In that case, we will work to such disposal.


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